Tailgate Time: NFL Kickoff Cocktails

10 Sep

After a few months of biting our nails and wondering if we would ever see and end to the infamous “Lockout”, the National Football League makes it’s return this Thursday for it’s opener with the Packers vs Saints followed by it’s usual Sunday lineup packed full of action. With the return of football comes the return of hardcore tailgating. Break out the grills, the annoying team paraphernalia, and of course don’t forget the alcohol. No tailgating experience is complete without a good assortment of finger food and relatively easy to make cocktails. Though it can be fun mixing up that drink with 8-10 hard to find ingredients, the best drinks for tailgating combine simplicity with great taste. The most complicated drink you’ll find at one of my tailgating parties will be a Long Island or one of it’s many variations. So try one of these our this weekend and see if it doesn’t have all your buddies crowning you as “Tailgate King”.

Linebacker Limeade

Six 12 oz Bottles of Corona
One 12 oz can of frozen minute made limeade concentrate.
1/2 a lime.

One of my FAVORITE beer cocktails I got from Rachael Ray. Easy, tasty, and appeals to both beer lovers and those cocktail fans that prefer something a little sweeter. In a large pitcher combine the limeade concentrate with your beer. After the foam settles squeeze the half a lime into the pitcher and stir. Pour into chilled glasses and serve. This makes 6 servings. Of course you could do the math and make an individual portion.

Lynchburg Lemonade (My variation)

1 1/2 oz Jack Daniels
2 Oz Simple Syrup
1 Oz Triple Sec
Splash of Club Soda.
2 Slices of Lemon

What would a Tailgate be without whiskey right? This is my variation on a classic. I prefer simple syrup rather than sweet n sour which the original recipe calls for. Also depending on where you’re from some top it off with Lemon Lime soda but I prefer Club soda. It’s your party, so find which works best for you. In a mixing glass muddle your lemon slices, then add in ice, bourbon, simple syrup, and triple sec. Shake, and pour. Top off with your club soda.

The John Daly

3 oz Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka
3 oz Lemonade

This one is as easy as it gets but tastes AMAZING. This adult Arnold Palmer is sure to be a hit at any tailgate. Combine your Vodka and your lemonade of ice and enjoy.

Washington Apple (Shots)

1 Part Whiskey
1 Part Apple Pucker Schnapps
1 Part Cranberry Juice

Always a hit with the girls yet still a nice bite for the fellas thanks to the whiskey. Throw these three in a shaker and pour into shots for a good time.


Posted by on September 10, 2011 in Events, Tailgating


2 responses to “Tailgate Time: NFL Kickoff Cocktails

  1. J Bingham

    September 10, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Packers and Falcons ? You mean Saint’s ?

  2. The Professional Drinker

    September 17, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Yes, It was a long day, thanks for catching that for me.


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