Miami Dolphins: Miami Mojito

Some things are just best left alone. In this case, it’s the classic Mojito great for any hot afternoon in Miami and PERFECT for before, during, and after a Miami Dolphins game. For you Die hard fans I added an optional Orange ingredient to create an Orange colored and flavored Mojito.

1 tsp white sugar
2 oz lime juice
4 mint leaves
1 sprig of mint
2 oz Havana Club white rum
2 oz Club
Cut orange slices (optional)

Place the Mint leaves into a tall glass. Squeeze about 2 oz of lime juice into the glass. Add the powdered sugar. Gently Mash (with a muddler or similar utensil) the ingredients together. Add in crushed ice and the rum. Then top off with the club soda and garnish with the mint leaves.


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