Party Planning

Planning your next party can be stressful and expensive. How much do you buy? How much will people drink? Having too much can be considered a waste, having too little can be down right disastrous. In the event you do buy too much alcohol, the bright side is that many merchants will take returns on unopened bottles AND in the event they wont, alcohol takes relatively long to go bad.  Hopefully with our help here at Intoxicology 101 you won’t have to deal with these issues. Below I’ve provided some information to help you plan your next get together.



.1 Bottle of Wine =4 – 6 oz glasses

1 Bottle of Liquor = 25 – 1oz Drinks

1/2 Barrel Keg 15.5 – Gallons = 165 12oz Cups

Drinks Per Person: The average party or reception lasts between 2 and 4 hours. During this span the average person will drink 3 drinks within the first 2 hours.

#Guests      #Drinks         Wine               Spirits              Beer

25               75                5 bottles          2 bottles         1 case

50              150             10 bottles        3 bottles         2 cases

100           300             20 bottles       6 bottles         4 cases

150           450              30 bottles      10 bottles       6 cases

200          600              40 bottles      12 bottles       8 cases

* Wine/Spirit amount are based on 750 ml size bottles

*Beer Cases are based on 24 – 12oz bottles.


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